Miss Tincu is a writer, creative goddess and video editor.

Her passion for writing was born as a means of escaping the reality of living in challenging home conditions as a child.

The adversity she faced during childhood includes, but is not limited to: the death of her mother from breast cancer at the age of five; poverty; having an alcoholic Hulk-like step-mother for ten years and an alcoholic, depressed, mentally absent Goofy-like father (he’s still going strong); exposure to violence, poor treatment and psychological abuse.

She took refuge in reading, writing and learning at an early age, and quickly became a star pupil. Despite what was going on at home, she soldiered through and developed a quality needed for survival: resilience. After going strong academically for many years, the unaddressed trauma started to catch up with her and everything came crumbling down. Before her end-of-highschool exams, she entered a severe depression that made her go from star pupil to bottom of the class and, ironically, failing the end-of-highschool Psychology exam.

In the autumn of the same year, she enrolled in Journalism in EN at Babes-Bolyai University, then dropped out after a year due to money issues and the undiagnosed depression and severe anxiety that she carried with her from highschool. After moving to Worthing, England,  she was able to obtain a government grant and enroll, and later graduate from, a BA in Creative Media Practice: Journalism & Video Production, awarded by the University of Brighton.

Professionally, she wore many hats over the years: from Content Writer & Editor in Chief (RO), to Housekeeper (UK), Receptionist (UK), Camera Woman & Video Producer (UK), Video Editor (RO), Pin-up model (UK) and Social Media Specialist (RO).

After having an off and on relationship with blogging for over 10 years, she is now ready to commit.

She currently lives in Cluj-Napoca with her boyfriend of 5 years, in a rented apartment that came with ugly furniture. Her day job is Team Leader at a Marketing Start-up. She dreams about adopting a dog one day and showering it with love.

Her hobbies include: eating, finding comedy in tragedy, baking, crying, petting ANY dog, gossip, helping and empowering others, watching trash TV, working on her pin-up aesthetic and making funny Youtube videos.

The purpose of this blog is to help others feel less alone. Here you will find articles about Mental Health, Work Culture and Work Ethics, Creative Struggles, Womanhood and more.

Miss Tincu’s motto is “Started from the bottom and I’m still there”.

She is a firm believer that talent, potential, hard work and perseverance are not enough – you also need connections and a fair share of good luck to succeed. She is also convinced that the bottom has many layers which she will continue to explore indefinitely on this blog.

Happy reading!