Feeling Down? Here's 3 Tips to Pick Yourself Up Again

Time flies when you’re too busy being burned out and anxious, am I right? 😂 I’ll just go ahead and call myself out now for not posting anything in here for 5 months. Truth be told, this year has been a big blur for me because...

10th Dec 2020

Is resilience overrated?

Everyone talks about resilience like it’s one of the most glorious abilities you can possess. Is it the end all be all of existence, the answer to all your problems, a skill you can learn, a natural talent you can nurture in time?

12th July 2020

Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Bitch

I don’t know about you, but I love thinking of myself as a “badass bitch”. I’m no “boss ass bitch” yet as the song goes, because that would imply that I’m doing well financially, which is not the case - but I’m definitely on my way to get...

24th May 2020

How "Fashion Therapy" Can Help You Live Your Best Life

I wanted to write an article about elegance initially, and the way I use it to feel good about myself. But upon deeper reflection, I realized that elegance is essentially just a fashion choice and the point I am trying to make is...

17th May 2020

What I learned about self-esteem, confidence & positive realism

The idea for this article came from a response I received to a poll from Instagram where I was asking you what you want to read about next on my blog. One of the answers was “self-esteem, confidence, positive mindset”.

11th May 2020

What's the deal with toxic people?

As we grow older and wiser, our ability to identify things that are not good for us grows, too. We find clearer labels for our emotions, our patterns, our mental health issues. And when it comes to feeling like life was sucked out...

2nd May 2020

5 Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself during Social Distancing (and after)

It’s been many weeks now since Social Distancing came into effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have experienced a roller-coaster of emotions and mood shifts so far - be it due to the pandemic itself, or...

24th Apr 2020

Why I started going to therapy

No matter where you live around the globe, there is still a lot of stigma around the concept of going to therapy. Even in the most modern and progressive cultures, some people still strongly believe that mental health issues are not...

18th Apr 2020

How to be your own person

At 27 years old, most people perceive me as unapologetic, bold, a warrior fighting for what is right, fair, honest and inspirational. Which is kind of accurate [insert modesty here], but it’s important to note that I’m not all...

11th Mar 2020

Why following your dreams sucks

Growing up, American movies were the only ones encouraging me to follow my dreams. ‘You can do anything, just believe you can and you will!’ Naturally, this idea instilled in me shitloads of unrealistic expectations. For many years...

11th Mar 2020

Being funny is not just a coping mechanism

Lately I’ve been dealing with a new stage of my anxiety: anger. I go from 0 to 100 in the split of a second, no matter how small or big the issue at hand is. The good thing is I don’t lash out, I just bottle up my anger and put it aside...

11th Mar 2020

Blood, sweat and tears: my wisdom teeth removal story

I don’t know about you, but if I wake up to pee in the middle of the night, the chances are I will not be able to get back to sleep. When I sleep, my mind turns into a vortex where dozens of thoughts spin simultaneously - both positive...

11th Mar 2020

Embracing my anxiety

It took me many years to acknowledge the fact that I have major anxiety issues. I think it’s very important to talk about our mental health, especially in a culture that is dismissive towards the concept of mental health, such as...

11th Mar 2020

Being unfairly fired from my dream job

Sometimes we imagine how we will react in the most awful scenarios: the death of a loved one, breaking up with the love of your life or being fired from your job. The truth is, you can’t predict how you are going to react in a...

11th Mar 2020

What female friendship break-ups taught me

There are many people that come and go in our lives. Some leave because they want to, others leave because you make them, and a few might mutually agree there is nothing beneficial in staying in each other’s lives. A friendship is...

11th Mar 2020